Dental Implants in Wheeling, IL

Not only do missing teeth impact the appearance of your smile, but these gaps can lead to bigger complications in the future. If you have a situation where dental extraction is necessary, then it’s important to talk to a dental implants dentist about your restorative options.

Our team at Aura Family Dental offers dental implants in Wheeling, IL. This specialty service allows you to replace missing teeth in a way that looks and feels natural. We invite you to reach out at your convenience to book a consultation and see if you are a good candidate for a dental tooth implant.

Dental Implants in Wheeling, IL

Dental Implants: How They Work

If you want to replace a missing tooth, a dental implant offers one of the most reliable and long-lasting solutions. This treatment involves several steps that happen over the course of a few months.

First, we determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants by evaluating your mouth and looking at digital imaging to check the bone density in your jawbone. If the jawbone is strong enough to hold a dental implant, then we can schedule the first appointment to place the post. This surgical treatment puts a titanium post where the tooth is missing, to act as the root of the tooth.

The post needs to heal, so you will likely use a temporary crown during this time. After a few months, when the dental implant is strong enough to support a prosthetic, then it’s time to place the final restoration on top. This implant post has an abutment to hold a permanent crown, dental bridge, or implant-supported dentures.

Why Dental Implants are a Popular Choice

When it comes to dental restorations, it’s easy to see why implants are often the treatment of choice. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Improve Your Appearance: Dental implants are used for restorations that upgrade the aesthetics of your smile. You don’t have to live with a gap in your mouth after tooth extraction.
  • Customized Treatments: This implant can be the base for different types of restorations, including bridges, full mouth dental implants, or a single tooth replacement with a crown.
  • Normal Function: The goal is for the implant tooth to look and feel like a natural tooth. Once the implant is healed, you will be able to talk and speak as normal.
  • Long-Term Results: Dental implants are known as permanent tooth replacements. With good oral health habits, a strong dental implant can last for the rest of your life.

Call a Dental Implants Specialist Near You

If you need dental Implants in Wheeling, IL, then Aura Family Dental is here to help. We offer single-tooth implants as well as full-mouth dental implants and everything in between. Schedule a consultation to learn more about available treatment options in your area.



1. How long does it take for a dental implant to heal?

Most people need a few days to a week for the initial healing process. However, it will take several months for the implant to integrate into the bone. This waiting period is important to ensure that the dental implant is strong and can support the restorative treatment placed on top.

2. What can I eat after a dental implant?

In the beginning, you will need to eat soft foods like smoothies, apple sauce, rice, and other foods that are easy to chew. After the initial recovery time (7 – 10 days), you can return to your normal diet. But it’s still a good idea to use caution while the implant is healing, so avoid chewing on tough foods during this time.

3. What is the success rate of dental implants?

Most patients have a successful outcome with implant treatments and report no severe complications after the surgery. However, there is a small risk that the implant will fail. While this problem is not common, it can happen. For this reason, it’s important to evaluate the jawbone density and other factors to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment.