Invisalign in Wheeling, IL

How do you feel when you look in the mirror to see crooked teeth smiling back at you? It can be embarrassing to have a misaligned smile, which is why many patients choose to invest in Invisalign in Wheeling, IL.

At Aura Family Dental, we understand why it is important to have a confident smile that you feel comfortable sharing with everyone you meet. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, then we invite you to schedule a consultation with an Invisalign dentist near you to learn more about available treatment options.

Invisalign in Wheeling, IL

Modern Dentistry to Straighten Your Smile

In the past, the only solution to move the position of the teeth was by using metal wires and brackets with traditional braces. Now, modern technology has made it possible to create custom-fitted clear aligners that can gently adjust the position of the teeth in a relatively short amount of time. These Invisalign braces are much more comfortable and easier to use compared to having bulky metal cemented to your teeth.

With the Invisalign system, your teeth are scanned using an intraoral handheld device. Then, the system calculates the ideal position for your teeth and creates a series of Invisible aligners that you will wear. These clear plastic trays are used in a specific order because they are designed to be sequential. You wear each set of trays for a few weeks before moving to the next set of aligners in the series.

Since the plastic is clear and the trays are fitted to cover the shape of your teeth, they are virtually undetectable while you are wearing them. You don’t need to worry about your appearance, because many people won’t even notice when you are using this Invisalign treatment.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

The truth is that Invisalign can be an excellent treatment for people of all ages. Not only can teenagers and young adults use Invisalign, but there are many people who choose Invisalign for adults to improve their smiles later in life.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth and you want to straighten your smile, then talk to our team at Aura Family Dental about available treatment options. Most people will benefit from Invisalign, although some patients with severe misalignments might require traditional braces.

Call Our Nearby Team for Invisalign in Wheeling, IL

If you want to straighten your smile without using traditional braces, then Aura Family Dental is the team to call. We offer expert services and customized results for every patient. Reach out to schedule a consultation at our office near you.



1. What can I eat with Invisalign?

Even though you need to wear the Invisalign trays throughout the day, they can be removed for short periods of time while you are eating. As a result, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods because there are no dietary restrictions when you remove your aligners.

2. Is Invisalign painful?

During the first few days of wearing a new set of aligners, you will feel tenderness and sensitivity in your teeth. Many people eat soft foods during this time. You can also take over-the-counter pain medications if needed.

3. How many hours a day do I need to wear Invisalign?

The recommendation is that you should wear your Invisalign aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. If you take the aligners out to eat, then make sure to brush your teeth and put the aligners back in after the meal is over.

4. Should I wear Invisalign aligners while sleeping?

Yes, you should always wear your Invisalign trays at night. Clean the aligners before bed, then clean them again in the morning when you are brushing your teeth.